The Most Fire Brand You’ve Never Heard of is Coming to Amazon Prime Video’s Animated Series ‘Fairfax’

Amazon Prime Video's animated series 'Fairfax' takes a look at drop culture and the four teenage hypebeasts determined to cop the fictitious new brand, Latrine.

Amazon Prime Video Fairfax

Image via Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Fairfax

A sick new animated series about drop culture is coming to Amazon Prime Video later this month.

Fairfax centers around Dale Rubin a fanny-pack-loving 13-year-old who moves to California from Oregon with his parents and is immediately immersed in streetwear culture.

Once Dale gets to Cali, he meets Hyung-Joon Choi, a fly streetwear-loving kid who goes by Benny and who’s determined to gain generational clout no matter the cost. Then there’s Derica Stratton-Torres, an aspiring model and activist dead set on saving the planet, but, you know, like, make it fashion; and lastly, there’s artsy-fartsy Truman Clark, a self-proclaimed “auteur” filmmaker, and budding Casanova.

Together they’ll school young Dale on the do’s and don’ts, and also put him onto the sickest brand in Fairfax, which is Latrine. Dale pulled up just in time for the new Dr. Phil and Latrine T-shirt collab, but like all things Latrine, it’s hella exclusive.

To celebrate the new series and one of the craziest drops of the year, Amazon Prime Video is sending 150 people the Latrine x Dr. Phil tee, which comes in an insane Latrine fire extinguisher kit. The red Latrine kit is equipped with a breaker bar, safety lock, and breakable viewing panel. (seriously). 

Anything and everything Latrine is about to become even more impossible to cop once Fairfax starts streaming on Amazon Prime Video October 29th, so when Latrine blows up crazy, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Amazon Prime Video Fairfax Latrine


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