Kai Cenat Hosts Dating Show for Man Whose Girlfriend Provocatively Danced With Omah Lay Onstage

He also presented the man with $20,000 following the viral moment.

Kai Cenat
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Kai Cenat

Twitch superstar Kai Cenat has gifted a man $20,000 and helped him find a new girlfriend after his ex-girlfriend went viral for provocatively dancing with Omah Lay onstage during a concert.

A woman who has since identified herself as Jessani faced a lot of criticism after a video showed her at a recent Omah Lay concert with her boyfriend, who she seemingly left behind to join the singer onstage for dancing that included simulated sex. The man in question left the concert because he wasn't happy about the situation, leading to many online offering sympathy.

This girl at Omah lay’s concert has no regard for her boyfriend.
Imagine seeing my girl go down on her knee, arching her back and twerking for a musician on stage.

The babe did the guy dirty


— Passenger (@adeyinka_adeife) February 22, 2024
Twitter: @adeyinka_adeife

Cenat was among those who felt sorry for the guy, so he decided to reach out and host an online dating show on his Twitch stream. He started out by gifting him $20,000 before linking him up with 20 different women, all of whom were there for an opportunity to date him.

Ultimately, he decided he would be interested in going on a date with a woman who identified herself as Sevyn. While he was a little awkward, understandably due to the circumstances, he seemed thankful for the experience Cenat offered him.

Kai Cenat gives the guy from Omah Lay’s concert $20k and a new gf on his IG live. His followers also went from 1k followers to 30k in minutes 😂🔥

— OLAMIDE 🌸💖 (@Olamide0fficial) February 25, 2024
Twitter: @Olamide0fficial

While a lot of people are firmly on the heartbroken boyfriend's side, Jessani has addressed the situation in a series of posts shared on social media.

"I thought I would do a story time and tell my side of the story because the amount of hate I’m getting; I am getting called all type of things that I never even heard before," she said in a video originally posted to TikTok. "I want to publicly apologize to him. Obviously, me and him have had private conversations, and we spoke, but since it was public, I think the right thing for me to do is to publicly apologize to him, like, that was bad. It was honestly a mistake; like, if I knew this would like this would go this... I wouldn’t even go to the concert, because this is not worth the hate I am receiving."

Check out the full version of Cenat's stream below.

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