Charlie Sheen has settled a 2017 lawsuit with one of his ex-girlfriends who claimed he exposed her to HIV.

A California woman, identified only as Jane Doe in the lawsuit, has received a settlement of $120,000 from the actor, TMZ reports. She filed a lawsuit against Sheen in 2017, although court documents only described him as a “confidential male defendant.” She said after she met him, they had sex multiple times and eventually had unprotected intercourse. 

In the suit, the woman claimed that Sheen told her to take two pills to prevent transmission of HIV. However, he also allegedly told her not to believe “the convenient rumors of the medical community,” and that she didn’t “need to be on all that f****t shit.” 

Sheen revealed his HIV positive status in an interview on The TODAY Show in 2015. "I think that I release[d] myself from this prison today," Sheen told Matt Lauer in the interview at the time. "Hopefully, with what we're doing today, others may come forward and say 'Thanks, Charlie, for kicking the door open.'" He said he first found out about his diagnosis in 2011.

Following his appearance on the show, multiple women who dated the actor said that he did not disclose that he had HIV before engaging in sexual activity with them. His former fiancée, Scottine Ross, filed a suit against the actor in 2015, and the following year it was reported that he didn’t tell 25 sexual partners that he had HIV despite his claims he would “never” do that to anyone.