(UPDATED) Sandra Bland's Dash Cam Video Released

This video will make your blood boil.

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UPDATE 07/22/2015:

Though the public remains far from convinced, a spokesman for the Department of Public Safetytold reporters on Wednesday that the video suffered a "technical issue during posting" but was not intentionally edited. The department is supposedly working to correct and repost the video.


A couple days ago, it was reported that Texas Trooper Brian Encinia threatened Sandra Bland with a Taser, and violated department procedures during the traffic stop and ensuing arrest. Today, that dash cam footage was released. Around the 10:30-minute mark, Trooper Encinia can be heard screaming, "I will light you up," as he tries to get Ms. Bland out of her vehicle. Everything seemed fine until Trooper Encinia returned to the driver's side window after taking her information to write the ticket. He noticed that she was irritated, and asked her what was wrong —he asked her the same question as he took her information—that's when everything went to shit. The two continued to argue back and forth for the rest of the video.

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