Naya Rivera on "The View": White People Shower More Than "Ethnics" Do

Naya Rivera went on The View and said some ignorant stuff this morning.

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While co-hosting The View this morning, vomit came out of Naya Rivera's mouth. Not literally, though that probably would have been better.

The ladies of the roundtable got on the subject of hygiene, when Rivera revealed that she only showers once every three days. As the crowd reacted with considerable shock, the actress explained, "I believe white people shower more than ethnics." Wut.


While some people are questioning Rivera's comments from a hygienic standpoint ("Naya Rivera makes far too much money to not let water and soap touch her ass at least once every 24 hours," one Twitter user astutely stated), far more have taken offense to the actress speaking for entire races on her own—Rivera, for the record, is half Puerto Rican and a quarter African American—and insinuating that people of color are dirtier than white people. Many have attacked her for spewing ignorance, while some have gone as far to call for her excommunication from the African American race.

While people flipped on social media, here's what Rivera tweeted after the show:

The fact that Rivera thinks what she said was a joke just makes this that much worse. Perpetuating stereotypes, HA. HA. And now, we'd like to cut to Big Sean, who is currently celebrating and shit, because he just dodged a bullet from a—well, you know how the song goes.


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