The Kardashian Encyclopedia

Everything you've ever needed to know about the Kardashians, in one place.

Illustration by Danny Scanzoni

In less than a decade, one family has so dominated popular culture, changing the landscape of social media and the definition of fame along the way that they have become a one-name juggernaut unto themselves: the Kardashians. A family that has inspired such high levels of thirst, interest, and vitriol—to the point that "Kim Kardashian Goes Braless" is a headline one can see on a daily basis—must be more closely examined than others. And there is certainly plenty (of nonsense) to examine.

Our goal was to uncover every single detail in reference to the Kardashians—every person Kris Jenner has spoken to, every drink Kim has sipped, every sock Rob has slipped on—and present our findings in alphabetical order so as to provide a fuller, better understanding of the family. No one can ever know the true essence of the Kardashians or completely comprehend the impact they've had on society, but anyone who ventures to become more learned in the subject will be able to do so with this. So on the 34th birthday of Kim Kardashian, we give you this, The Kardashian Encyclopedia.

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