George R.R. Martin Might Finally Be Getting His Priorities in Order to Finish "The Winds of Winter"

Author George R.R. Martin revealed that he will not be writing an episode for "Game of Thrones" because he has to finish the sixth book in the series.

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It's about time. Creator of the Game of Thrones book series, George R.R. Martin, has been sending GoT book readers into a tizzy as he goes to public event after public event while his sixth novel, The Winds of Winter, sits unfinished. Like dude, maybe you could get the thing done if you weren't busy posing behind Daenerys Targaryen cut-outs at Comic Con.

But finally, it seems that GRRM is getting his priorities in order. For the first time since Game of Thrones has been on the air, Martin will NOT be penning an episode (he usually does one per season). "I have this book to finish," Martin told Vulture.

It's so nice to see him acknowledge that—we thought he forgot.

The Thrones author will also be cutting down his set visits this season for that same reason. "I'm making the trips I'm already obligated to make, but I'm not adding any trips at this time," he said. "So I don't think I'm going to do a set visit this year, sadly."

Newsflash, George: No one is sad about that.



[via Vulture]

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