Alec Baldwin Was Scammed While Trying to Tour the Statue of Liberty

He posted a warning to Instagram.

alec baldwin

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alec baldwin

Alec Baldwin has lived in New York City for quite a while, but that didn't save him from getting scammed like an everyday tourist. Baldwin shared on Instagram that, while trying to buy tickets to a boat tour of the Statue of Liberty, he managed to pay $90 for bus tickets to New Jersey. 

For the uninitiated, you should never buy attraction tickets on the street. They likely aren't real. Baldwin's Lady Liberty tour ticket wasn't fake, it merely took him somewhere entirely different. Baldwin pulled out of the trip before being shuttled to Liberty Park, New Jersey, sharing his experience as a cautionary tale. 


"So, we head to South Ferry. Me and @hilariabaldwin. Two sharp, savvy NYers. Kids in tow," he wrote on Instagram."We buy the tickets for the “boat tour” of the Statue of Liberty. We are escorted to a shuttle bus. To New Jersey! I kid you not. We paid. Then we read the tickets."

Of course, boat tours of the Statue of Liberty are entirely unnecessary. Riding the Staten Island Ferry gives the same views of the city for a much lower price (namely, free). Balwin admitted as much.

"Take the SI Ferry. It’s the best ride in NY," he said. 

Baldwin's wife Hilaria shared the view.

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