Creativity is the great connector. It allows people to express themselves, tell their stories their own way, and bring us all together, lowering barriers and crossing divides. Maybe it’s a song that becomes the soundtrack to a particular point in your life or a painting that speaks to your spirit without words. No matter the medium, the expression of that moment was brought to life for you by someone you’ve probably never met, but moved you through a shared connection.

Yet all artists haven’t been treated equally. For years, Black creators across all mediums have had to work twice as hard with no guarantee their work would be seen, shared, and celebrated around the world. And while gains have been made in recent years, more needs to be done to level the playing field for Black creative expression and elevate the full spectrum of Black creativity. Ultimately, the more perspectives we all see, the more vibrant the world becomes. 

In celebration of Black creativity, Adobe expanded on its When I See Black film to showcase groundbreaking creators at ComplexLand. The digital destination highlighted the works of Bria Nicole, Dana Scruggs, Juan Veloz, Philip Kaiten (VactuART), and Justine Magnum of Winnie Weston within the Adobe Creativity Space. All five creators have used their work and platforms to demonstrate the unlimited breadth and beauty of Black expression and creativity.

On the heels of their ComplexLand showcase, these rising stars share their thoughts on bringing their creativity to life virtually, what inspires them about their identity and Blackness, and how this generation of Black creators is changing the rules.