Last week, Netflix premiered its latest coming-of-age drama, Grand Army, about a group of high school students in Brooklyn, NY trying to find their way through the struggles of adolescence. Besides the timely subject matter, the series caught many people’s eye due to its striking poster art. The man responsible for capturing both the personality and angst of the lead characters consisting of Dom, Sidd, Joey, Jayson, and Leila in vivid color is visual artist Dr. Fahamu Pecou.   

World renowned artist and New York native, Dr. Pecou, whose work overlays social commentary and hip-hop culture onto contemporary art, was the perfect person to bring Grand Army’s  dynamic characters to life. Not only are his pieces known for forcing people to revisit their ideas about racial stigmas surrounding Black men in America and the impact media has on those stereotypes, but he’s also a professor of media at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. Drawing inspiration from his own personal experiences growing up in Brooklyn, Dr. Pecou painted the characters of Grand Army in a way that not only captured their true essence but helped build hype for the dramatic series. We caught up with Dr. Pecou to get insight into his creative process, the power of color, and his connection to each character. 

Grand Army is now streaming on Netflix.