London auction house Sotheby's will be auctioning off Banksy's tongue-in-cheek oil painting, Show Me The Monet next month, with the famed British artist's subversive take on Monet's impressionist classic expected to make up to £5 million at the auction.

Show Me The Monet sees the iconic Banksy put his own distinct twist on Claude Monet's famous work, The Water Lily Pond, by painting shopping carts and a traffic cone into the pond seen in the impressionist classic. Banksy first unveiled the work in 2005 as part of his exhibition titled Crude Oils: A Gallery of Re-mixed Masterpieces, Vandalism and Vermin in his hometown of London, where he reinterpreted 22 classic paintings with his own wry blend of social critique. 

The work was displayed publicly in Sotheby's London New Bond Street galleries and will now feature in New York and Hong Kong for further exhibition, before returning to London for the auction, which takes place on October 21. 

The artwork has a pre-sale estimate of £3-5 million, following the record-breaking sale of Banky's Devolved Parliament, which fetched a huge £9.9m in October last year (his most expensive piece sold to date).

Get a closer look at Show Me The Monet below.