Fans of Beastie Boys or classic hip-hop fans in general, take notice: Apple TV+ has released Beastie Boys Story, a "live documentary" featuring Beastie members Adam Horovitz and Mike Diamond live on stage (taken from the live shows they did in 2019), directed by Spike Jonze, who has been a collaborator of theirs over the last 25 years, including directing one of their illest videos ever, 1994's "Sabotage". 

For those of you who haven't checked the doc out yet, you need to fix that, which is why we have a special treat for you. In the exclusive clip up above, you really get to see the magic of Beastie Boys Story. Mike and Adam not only break down the creation of the song (which for a time was just a dope instrumental they'd laid down), but they chart how it grew into this Starsky & Hutch-esque music video that shook the world (and netted them five MTV Video Music Award nominations, although they lost all out to Aerosmith and REM, peace to Nathaniel Hornblower). That video was a staple of my middle school days, and I still catch goosebumps waiting for the drums to kick in.

Check out the clip, then head over to Apple TV+ to devour the full Beastie Boys Story documentary, which charts three friends and how the art they created shaped the world.