Fellow fans of fuck can rejoice, as Uncut Gems has joined an illustrious list of fuck-filled films that won't soon be fucking forgotten.

The latest Safdie brothers entry, as pointed out by Business Insider's Mark Abadi this week, boasts the seventh-most "fucks" in movie history. When that ranking is modified to omit movies specifically centered on the idea of the word or profanity more generally, Gems comes in even stronger at No. 5:

As you may notice while perusing this essential list, movies with a dedicated approach to the artful usage of "fuck" tend to be must-watches. That's just the rules.

Gems co-writer and co-editor Ronald Bronstein spoke with Complex back in December about the masterful Adam Sandler-starring Safdie brothers entry, looking back on how the lengthy writing process helped shape the final piece.

"[The success of Good Time] allowed us to secure money, just enough money to make something on a bigger scale than we had and we had no ideas," Bronstein said. "So outside of creating certain things from the most recent Gems draft, we were starting from a place of zero. And I was like, 'Oh, Josh, this would be a good time to stop being such a chicken shit in terms of the sphere of narrative plotting.'"

Uncut Gems, also featuring The Weeknd and Kevin Garnett, is now playing. Don't skip it.