As you may have heard, the Academy wholly fucked itself by failing to place the Safdie Brothers joint Uncut Gems among the 2020 Oscar nominees. This, of course, is abject bullshit and may very well result in star Adam Sandler making good on his previous promise to now make a movie that is "so bad on purpose just to make you all pay."

But first, the Safdies and Sandler have teamed up again for the surprise release of a new short film, the six-minute "Goldman v Silverman."

There's nothing worse than a short film being spoiled by someone held at word-count-gunpoint, so I'll save you the annoyance and suggest instead that you just watch the full thing for yourself via the Vimeo embed at the top of this apge.

Complex's own Frazier Tharpe let loose the definitive Making Of piece on the Safdies' instaclassic last month, complete with extensive intel on the story's slow beginnings and the admirably detailed creative process Sandler employed in bringing Howard Ratner to life.

"I don't know what an antihero is," Josh Safdie said in the piece. "I've heard the term antihero a couple times now. [Howard is] a hero—with flaws."

All told, Uncut Gems will likely end its hit theatrical run with upwards of $50 million at the box office and a veritable army of top-shelf reviews. Still, its status as a uniquely enthralling moviegoing experience somehow fell flat with Academy voters. Not to fear, Sandler's aforementioned threat could provide the perfect remedy.

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