Top Gun: Maverick, the Tom Cruise-starring sequel to the 1986 Tony Scott megahit, sent a new trailer out into the world early Monday.

Up top, catch the latest look at the long-teased second chapter, which also features Miles Teller and Jennifer Connelly. Cruise and company are joined in the cast by Jon Hamm, Ed Harris, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Monica Barbaro, Manny Jacinto, and the Iceman himself—Val Kilmer.

Teller's character boasts the nickname Rooster and is notably the son of a fallen character from the original film, Goose.

Top Gun: Maverick is directed by Joseph Kosinski from a script that saw involvement from Mission: Impossible's Christopher McQuarrie. Catch it in theaters starting June 26, 2020.

"Part of my deal was that I had to fly in the F-14 and they had to film me flying in the F-14 and have it be part of the movie," Cruise explained during a Conan interview over the summer. In fact, Cruise added, he and the Top Gun team made a concerted effort to push for "practical" shooting methods instead of relying on CGI.

"I'm here to entertain you," he said at the time. "That's the privilege of my job. I love it. I love making all different kinds of movies. And with Top Gun, I felt that one of the things that we can deliver to an audience is that kind of experience."