Marlon Wayans has some strong feelings about the basketball referees at his son's high school. During a recent game at Bishop Alemany High School in Los Angeles, Wayans was in attendance to cheer on his son, Shawn. As TMZ reports, the actor and comedian got passionate enough about the game to let the refs know he disagreed with them on numerous occasions.

In recorded footage, Wayans is seen confronting the referees with strong language. It's difficult to make out what he says for most of the clip, but he can be heard calling one of them a "motherfucker" at one point. Pointing fingers while walking back and forth, it's evident Wayans felt some type of way about how his son's team had been treated. He wasn't alone either, as another parent can be heard cheering him on.

He also called out the refs on Instagram. "No and 1? Come on ref!" he wrote alongside a video he shared. 

Regardless of what the referee thought, Wayans still congratulated his son on his performance.