SNL returns from the Thanksgiving break, and once again, the political world is getting another cold open treatment.

On the previous episode of SNL, Will Ferrell hosted with musical guest King Princess. In the cold open, SNL takes on Trump defending himself during the impeachment hearings with a press conference skit. Alec Baldwin reprises his role as Trump, appearing on the White House lawn and making excuses for dodging questions by reporters. Gordon Sondland, the U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, was played by Ferrell, who admits quid pro quo right away.

During tonight’s cold open, it parodied the gossip at the NATO conference. Jimmy Fallon appeared as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Paul Rudd was French president Emmanuel Macron, and James Corden played U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump returned to get "bullied" by the "bad boys" like they were in a high school cafeteria. You can watch it above.

SNL is hosted by Jennifer Lopez, who stars in Hustlers. The musical guest is DaBaby, making his SNL debut after having an incredible year with the success of his albums, Baby on Baby and Kirk. Below, you can watch the promo video for the episode, which stars Beck Bennett asking J.Lo and DaBaby for musical advice.