Ghostbusters: Afterlife, billed as “the next chapter in the original Ghostbusters universe,” now has a new full-length trailer.

The trailer premiered Monday for the Jason Reitman-directed entry, which stars Paul Rudd, Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, and McKenna Grace. Catch that up top.

"Somehow, a town that isn't anywhere near a tectonic plate—that has no fault lines, no fracking, no loud music even—is shaking on a daily basis," Rudd's character Mr. Grooberson informs us, hinting at the basis of the story. The trailer also sees a prominent callback to a classic Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) line from the original 1984 movie, as well as Grooberson's mistaken initial belief that someone has come across a "replica" of the famed ghost-trapping device.

Reitman gave a bit more insight to Vanity Fair on Friday as part of a first look special, noting that Afterlife "is a new adventure that connects back to" the events of the original movie, a ghost-heavy occurrence in New York referred to as the Manhattan Crossrip.

"As the family arrives at an old farm, they begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters," Reitman, whose father Ivan directed Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II, explained. "Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) and Phoebe (McKenna Grace) are about to find out who their grandfather was and whether they’re ready to pick up the proton pack themselves."

Ghostbusters: Afterlife opens July 10.