Despite the fact that zero specific or credible threats have been reported, the New York City Police Department has announced it will be utilizing undercover officers at this weekend's Joker screenings.

"This is a 360-degree policing approach to ensure safety for ticket buyers in their seats, as well as on the streets," a "law enforcement official" told Deadline of the decision to have plain-clothed cops in a number of regional theaters starting with the Oct. 3 early screenings and continuing through the weekend. "If something happens inside one of the screenings, we intend to be able to pacify the situation quickly and conclusively."

Affected theaters include those in Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn.

In a previous statement, an NYPD rep confirmed "no specific or credible threats" surrounding the screenings, but said the department would be closely monitoring them anyway. As Deadline points out, the department's use of the phrase "additional personnel" could signal what they have in store for Joker weekend that's a bit different than what's expected in other major markets.

Anyway, so as not to bore you with a lazy recollection of similar Joker chatter that's permeated headlines in recent weeks, let's instead remember that star Joaquin Phoenix stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

The results, seen below, are well worth a watch:

Phoenix is joined in Todd Phillips' film by Zazie Beetz, Robert De Niro, Frances Conroy, Marc Maron, Brian Tyree Henry, and Douglas Hodge. Catch it starting with late-night screenings this Thursday, with the formal release date set for Oct. 4.