A woman who was in a sex tape with Kevin Hart has brought forth a $60 million lawsuit against the comedian on the basis that she believes Hart conspired with a friend to secretly film the encounter.

According to TMZ, Montia Sabbag is claiming Hart and his friend Jonathan Todd "JT" Jackson (who was later charged with extortion) planned the entire encounter when it went down in a Las Vegas hotel room back in September 2017. Sabbag is arguing Hart and Jackson conspired to hide a camera, and that the comic's motivation was to increase publicity, especially in the wake of an upcoming comedy tour.

She is suing for negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and invasion of privacy.

The suit also alleges that Hart permitted Jackson into his hotel suite so he could hide a recording device that would film Sabbag with Hart. Jackson had been charged with a pair of counts of extortion after authorities concluded that he tried to squeeze money out of Hart to keep the tape private. Jackson has denied those allegations.