It looks like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood might be getting the Netflix treatment.

Quentin Tarantino is apparently in talks with Netflix to release an extended version of his newest film to the streaming platform, akin to the extended cut of The Hateful Eight that’s now available on the service. Actor Nicholas Hammond—who plays Sam Wanamaker in Once Upon a Time—said on a recent episode of the podcast The Mutuals that releasing a four-hour cut of the film to Netflix is likely (around 22:13).

“The promise is that like his other film, The Hateful Eight, they had [sic] just done a 4-hour Netflix version. And I think they’re talking about doing the same. There are some actors like Tim Roth, wonderful actors, who never even made it into the film. I mean, their entire roles got cut.”

Besides Roth, James Marsden, who played Burt Reynolds was also cut to make the 2 hour, 45 minute runtime. It might be a few years before we see the extended version though: The Hateful Eight, which released in 2015, just arrived at Netflix in April.

News of a Once Upon a Time extended cut first arrived on Thursday, when New York Times entertainment reporter Kyle Buchanan tweeted that he keeps “hearing Tarantino told the ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD actors that he’ll put their deleted scenes back when he recuts the film into episodes for Netflix.”

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has become Quentin Tarantino's biggest opening, grossing a total of $40.3 million during its domestic debut.