Jamie Foxx's alleged former tendency to intervene on matters of his daughter's dating habits was discussed in a purported breaking news moment from a recent Hot 97 interview.

Beat Shazam's Corinne Foxx, the daughter of Jamie Foxx and his former girlfriend Connie Kline, sat down with the Ebro in the Morning team Wednesday for a 15-minute discussion during which some young dating stories were shared.

About six minutes in, Ebro asked about her father. "He's doing better now," she said. "In high school, it was rough. I mean, he was knocking on doors and coming to people's homes and threatening people. I was like, 'Dad, we gotta calm down.'"

From there, Ebro asked specifically about her "first heartbreak." As Foxx recalled, there was a particular incident involving a father intervention that she didn't even know went down until years later. "I had a high school boyfriend, so probably 18ish . . . My dad had already threatened this kid to the death," she said. "I mean, this kid, poor guy. He knocked on his front door at one point."

Per Foxx, she and this unnamed individual had apparently gotten into some sort of an argument at the time, prompting Jamie to show up at his house "with big guys with him."

Corinne also talked about her feature film debut and more. Catch the full discussion up top.