Donald Glover, dressed for continued success by way of a lion onesie, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel headquarters Tuesday night for a subdued discussion spanning his take on Simba in the new Lion King to the fate of the Childish Gambino moniker.

Right out of the gate, Kimmel noted that Glover was soon set to hit Australia for some rescheduled Gambino shows, marking as good of an opportunity as any to ask for another clarification on what fans should expect from him musically. 

"I mean, I think I'm gonna still do shows," he said. "I'm not quite sure, I'm pretty sure, I definitely wanna, I mean, I broke my foot. I had to make up these shows. I love music. I really love making music." Asked if we should expect Lion King songs to be tucked into any impending sets, Glover joked that Disney likely has too tight a leash on such things for that to be a possibility.

From there, meeting Elton John and working with Beyoncé (who he considers downright "presidential") was discussed, with Glover revealing he recorded his Lion King parts separately at a certain Beatles-connected studio. 

"I requested not to be [in the same room as Beyoncé]," he said. "I did not wanna be looking into Beyonce's eyes while doing this. But actually, I was working on Solo at the time so I was in London, so I recorded at Abbey Road Studios."

Later, Glover was asked if he was working on a new season of his FX critical hit Atlanta, to which he calmly replied:

I think my contract says I have to say yes

Glover also talked about buying a swath of Gushers when he first started making money as a young writer on 30 Rock, his first time meeting JAY-Z and Beyoncé (at an NYC pizza spot, no less), and how his son feels about the new Lion King. Catch the full discussion at the top of this page.

The Lion King, also featuring the voices of Seth Rogen and Amy Sedaris, is out July 19.