Jameela Jamil has used her online platform to draw attention to the body positive movement and call out those who promote unhealthy weight loss habits. She controversially railed against Karl Lagerfeld's history of fat-shaming in the days following his death, dragged Cardi B for advertising laxative tea, and has criticized the Kardashians repeatedly for using their influence to promote appetite suppressants that likely have a negative effect on younger women. Most recently, the Good Place actress denounced Amber Rose for advertising weight loss products for pregnant women, arguing that she's using her platform to spotlight "irresponsible fuckshit."

On Thursday, Rose took to Instagram to promote Flat Tummy Co's "pregnancy tea," which she and the brand claim helps pregnant women with those "bloated, nauseous, blah feeling days." The brand has garnered substantial attention in the past since they've recruited A-list celebrities to sell women this unattainable fantasy.

Thus, Jamil saw Rose's advertisement for what it was and took to Twitter to call her out for it. "FLAT TUMMY PRODUCTS FOR... PREGNANT WOMEN," she wrote alongside a screenshot of Rose's post. "Is this FDA approved? Are we... fucking... KIDDING?" 

The actress then tweeted out another message, calling attention to all the women with large online platforms promoting, "such irresponsible fuckshit."

Although the body positive movement has made serious gains in the last few years, many celebrities and influencers continue to profit off of women who will go to extreme lengths to achieve a chiseled physique. It's people like Jameela Jamil that are challenging the narrative surrounding that fantasy and promoting the idea that being thin isn't the only kind of beautiful. 

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