With the release of Warner Bros. and DC's Zachary Levi-starring Shazam! just around the corner, the second trailer for the film has officially arrived.

Teasing a far more jovial and lighthearted tone than DC's recent movie adaptions, the trailer for the superhero comedy offers a closer look at the villain, Mark Strong's Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. It also shows just how much the main character is struggling to adapt to his newfound powers, potentially making the dangerous situations he gets himself into worse. 

Interestingly, Shazam! is the only film in the DC Extended Universe to arrive in 2019, as the '80s-set Wonder Woman sequel was pushed back to 2020 last year. The David F. Sandberg-directed movie will lead into to Cathy Yan's Birds of Prey adaption, which is currently scheduled to arrive Feb. 7, 2020. The DCEU has been plagued with issues ever since the release of 2016's Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, although it has found success through both 2017's Wonder Woman and 2018's Aquaman.

Recently it was reported that Warner Bros. is focusing on making standalone films based on DC properties. WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara explained, "The universe isn't as connected as we thought it was going to be five years."

There is one other DC film set outside the DCEU scheduled to arrive later this year, with Todd Phillipps' Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro-starring Joker set to hit theaters October 4.

Shazam! hits theaters April 5.