Picking up where the film left off in 1992, Lena Waithe is preparing audiences for a re-entry into the world of Boomerang, executive producing a ten-episode series for BET that follows the children of the movie’s main characters. Co-producing alongside the Emmy Award® winner is Academy Award® winner Halle Berry, who starred in the original romantic-comedy opposite of Eddie Murphy. “It’s a new take on Boomerang, but something fresh for a new generation,” Waithe said of the show, which is set to premiere February 12 at 10/9 central.

The half-hour dramedy introduces its viewers to the heiress of the Graham legacy: Simone Graham, daughter of Marcus (Murphy) and Angela (Berry). Played by Tetona Jackson, Simone is headstrong, gorgeous and uncompromising. Her colleague and best friend Bryson (Tequan Richmond) has his own vision for making his mark in the world of advertising—but also has his eye on Simone. Whether that eye is watching to charm the young executive or compete with her remains to be seen, though. Making things even more complicated: Bryson is the son of Jacqueline Broyer, Marcus’ former boss and ex-flame played by Robin Givens 27 years prior.

“We’re treating our characters as millennials but who are still nostalgic and old-school and believe in romance,” screenwriter Leigh Davenport said of the process behind developing the tone of the series. This latest chapter of Boomerang will feature a cast similar in essence to the original roster, depicting young, successful Black men and women taking chances in both their professional and romantic lives.

Showrunner and Executive Producer Ben Jones poses the show’s most necessary question: “What can you say about what it takes to generally connect with someone in an age of non-connectivity?” On February 12, Boomerang the series will begin to answer that query.