The Marvel Cinematic Universe had to say goodbye to one of their furry friends on Thursday. Oreo the Raccoon, the real life model for Guardians of the Galaxy character Rocket the Raccoon, passed away at nine years old. The Guardians of the Galaxy official Facebook page broke the news of Oreo's passing. 

According to the post, the late raccoon died as a result of a "short illness."

In addition to modeling for Rocket's character, which Bradley Cooper voices, Oreo made an appearance on the red carpet during the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere in 2014 alongside the film's original director James Gunn. 

In the sentimental eulogy, the page administrators explained the magnitude of Oreo's loss. "Oreo you made so many people's lives happy," the post read. "You have been an amazing ambassador for raccoons everywhere. You loved all people of all ages and other animals too and were never phased by anything be it a walk down the red carpet as Rocket Raccoon, a trip to a hospice to visit a sick child or anything else that came your way."

Chris Pratt recently reiterated his excitement for the movie's third installment and relayed his support for fomer director James Gunn. "Well, I love James and I’m loyal to James... we’re gonna deliver the movie," Pratt said. "We’re gonna give the fans what they deserve. It’s in the nature of the Guardians of the Galaxy to come together and get the job done, and that’s what we’re going to do." The film has yet to tap another director in Gunn's place.