Game of Thrones fans are doing what they do best: wildly speculating after being given the tiniest bit of data. After HBO surprise-dropped a teaser for the final season, the sleuths were out dissecting every frame for potential clues about how the show would wrap. Fittingly enough, their best bit of dirt came from underground, with many fans believing that Jon Snow's statue in the crypts of Winterfell offers a clue as to who's going to be unceremoniously killed by the notoriously brutal show. 

Snow's statue looks considerably older than the representations of the other living Starks. Fans took this as an indication that the already undead leader outlives Arya and Sansa Stark by a significant amount of years. The fact that fan favorites like Arya and Sansa would meet an untimely end holds with the attitude of the show toward its characters (and the general misfortune of A Song of Ice and Fire's most cursed clan).

Not every Thrones fanatic is convinced that HBO is showing their hand, however. For every fan who saw the grizzled Stark statue as an indication of Jon's relatively peaceful fate, there were those who blamed a shoddy sculptor. When comparing Jon side-by-side to his stone stand-in, it's easy to see how the sculpted Snow could just be a bad representation and not an older man. 

When it comes down to it, Snow and fans are in the same boat for the Season 8 storyline: We know nothing.