First trailers are always a bit of a gamble. Sometimes editors and related Powers That Be give away too much of the story with an overstuffed "trailer" that's basically a CliffsNotes summary, while other times a trailer is anti-informative to the point that its mere existence borders on being inconsequential. Netflix thankfully hit all the right notes with the inaugural trailer for their upcoming sci-fi film IO.

Starring Anthony Mackie, the new film from director Jonathan Helpert and writers Clay Jeter, Charles Spano, and Will Basanta centers on a young scientist's quest for a way to prevent Earth's already seemingly inevitable death. Mackie's Micah is joined in the Mandalay Pictures co-production's main cast by Margaret Qualley (as young scientist Sam) and Danny Huston.

"Scientists predicted what would happen, but it was too late," the trailer, which can of course be seen at the top of this page, warns. See a recently released poster for the film below.

IO arrives on Netflix Jan. 18.