It took 14 long years for Pixar to cook up a sequel to their animated '60s action-comedy The Incredibles. And that amount of planning and work showed in the final product, so much so that even the pedants over at CinemaSins couldn't find much substance to complain about. 

Their 16-minute long takedown is mostly complaining about the time between films or the film using tropes that were invented by its predecessor. Incredibles 2 was, as the title would suggest, incredible, so plenty of the runtime of this video purporting to show everything wrong with the film is put aside to praise it. The voice-over embodiment of "Well, actually" takes time to admire the camera work of director Brad Bird, noting how he doesn't lose a sense of geography in the action sequences even as chaos is erupting around the characters. He even takes sins off his overall counter for particularly impressive scenes like the fight between Jack-Jack and a raccoon. 

The narrator says that the fight between the infant Incredible and the trash panda is like "Pixar somehow snuck one of its best short films into a larger film and still had it make complete sense as part of the story."

Of course, there are a few narrative sins, several plot holes, one hilariously explosive electric bike, and the fact that Pixar went through all that awesome character design just to show Screenslaver for about 10 seconds. Even so, the picky folks over at CinemaSins can't even manage to break 90 sins across 16 minutes. Give it a watch up top.