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While Step Brothers remains a classic comedy, there have never been any plans to create a sequel. But at least one member of the original cast is willing to reprise his role.

Veteran actor John C. Reilly stopped by Good Morning America on a promotional run for his upcoming movie Ralph Breaks the Internet. Toward the end of the interview, he was asked by host Michael Strahan if there was a movie in his filmography he would like to sequelize. "I know what you're gonna want me to say, Michael. Step Brothers," he said, to which the audience responded with enthusiastic cheers.

Step Brothers, which turned 10 this year, paired Reilly with Will Ferrell as the two struggled to adjust adult step-siblinghood. Around the five-minute mark in the video above, Reilly acknowledged the fact that, though he has no objections to doing a second installment of the movie, the final decision is contingent upon the combined effort of other parties. "I mean, it requires the cooperation of a few other people, but I would love to do another one of those."

Reilly has previously commented on the possibility of doing another film, stating the chances of a sequel were bleak. In an interview with IndieWire, he said that, while there were talks of a new project, no such movie ever came into fruition. A working plot they deliberated on revolved around Reilly and Ferrell's characters adjusting to life in retirement. "I hope I don't age out of the possibility," Reilly said. "It might be really sad if we're like 60 years old and still doing it." He's currently 53; Ferrell is 51.