Part of what makes someone a hero is their ability to tap into instincts they never knew they had after being robbed of something they never thought they’d lose. For world-renowned mixed martial artist Ronald Dlamini, that loss happened in 2012 when a bout of meningitis and a 10-day coma left him completely blind.

Dlamini’s world once revolved around opponents he could see in front of him. When his vision faded, his spirit could have followed. But much like Marvel’s Daredevil, the prizefighter found strength in his other senses.

The stories of Ronald Dlamini and Matt Murdock share certain similarities. They’re two talented fighters, both blind, and brave enough to fight through overwhelming darkness. However, one difference between the MMA champion and the Marvel crusader lies in where they fight.

While Daredevil fights in the shadows, taking on New York City’s underworld, Ronald Dlamini’s courage comes as he stands in the center of the ring, ready to train other blind men and women who refuse to be defined by disability. For both Daredevil and Dlamini, darkness is not their weakness, it’s their strength.

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