A lawsuit claiming Kevin Hart was attempting to rip off another man’s work has been resolved, The Blast reports. On Oct. 16, Scott Montoya, the owner of Laugh Out Loud Comedy Productions, filed to dismiss his case against Hart.

According to the court documents, Montoya and Hart agreed to end the battle and pay their own legal expenses. A source told The Blast that Lionsgate—a co-defendant in the case—gave Montoya money as component of the deal, with Lionsgate's insurance paying the sum.

In 2016, Hart began trying to acquire three trademarks for “Laugh Out Loud” to do a new comedy project with Lionsgate. Montoya fought the trademarks, and around this time last year, pursued a case against Hart.

Montoya alleged that he sent a cease and desist to Hart in an attempt to settle but wasn’t able to. According to The Blast, Hart was ripping off Montoya’s brand that had “been seen by tens of millions of people over the past 8 years.” Montoya also claimed that Hart had been purchasing more domains and intellectual properties connected to “LOL,” which was crippling Montoya’s business.

In Montoya’s lawsuit, he appealed for an injunction against Hard for utilizing “LOL trademarks,” and all earnings Hart made from them.

The case dismissal comes right after the release of Night School, which stars Hart and Tiffany Haddish. The flick finished at No. 1 in its opening weekend despite weak reviews.

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