Aired: 1989-

The animated story of a family living in Springfield (state unknown), said family consisting of paterfamilias Homer (who's fond of exclaiming "d'oh!"), his blue-haired wife Marge, lovably insolent son Bart...what's that you say? You've already heard of these lovable kooks? OK, so Matt Groening's cartoon juggernaut may have reached its peak in the '90s, but, like nitrous, The Simpsons have a timeless appeal: you couldn't get enough of 'em when you were a teenager, and they're still great for a few laughs after church on Sundays.

The episode airing February 16, 2003 entitled "Barting Over" was advertised as the show's 300th, although according to the network's production code order, it was no. 302. TAKE THAT, GROENING!