Simone Shepherd and “King” Keuran Harris are used to being in awkward situations. The social media power couple are known for their viral videos featuring them in hilarious skits, but their latest video is awkward in a completely different way. The adventurous duo documented their recent journey to Chacachacare Island, a haunted part of Trinidad that was once a leper colony in the early 20th century until it was shut down when the last leper died in 1984.

Today, Chacachacare is an abandoned tourist destination, though many are too frightened to make the excruciating three-boat journey to a place supposedly lingering with evil spirits. There are different versions of the hauntings on Chacachacare but the best-known one is that of a nun who apparently committed suicide after she fell in love with a Venezuelan sailor and hung herself over the altar. After her death, there have been reports of ghostly sightings, screaming, and even a nun’s habit floating in the water.

The trip was part of the promo for The Nun, the newest of the Conjuring films, which features a demon nun by the name of Valak that wreaks havoc around the Vatican in the 1950s. Though Valak is known to take the shape of a small boy with wings, he is supposedly the “President of Hell,” with legions of demons under him. Simone and Keuran made the trek to Chacachacare to see if it was really haunted by Valak and his demonic minions. Here’s the couple’s thoughts on their visit to Chacachacare Island in their own words.