It’s been three years since Kylie Jenner launched her massive brand Kylie Cosmetics, which Forbes valued at $800 million earlier this year. While she adjusts to motherhood, and gets ready to join her baby daddy Travis Scott on his ASTROWORLD tour, the newly 21-year-old mogul is still putting all her energy into business.

On Thursday, Kylie announced to fans that she’ll be releasing products from Kylie Cosmetics through Ulta Beauty’s brick-and-mortar locations. For Jenner stans, this is a HUGE deal. Since the brand was launched in 2015, Kylie’s lip kits and eyeshadow pallets have only been available online or rare pop up shops. The brand still sells out quickly, and is often hard to get ahold of, prompting countless counterfeits.

The new in-store release is expected before the end of the year, just in time for holiday season.

Perhaps Kylie is too busy with her growing list of duties, and is passing off the responsibility of rolling out her products to Ulta Beauty—or they cut her the right check. She’s not the first celebrity to introduce her own line into the ranks of age-old makeup brands, but she’s one of the biggest and the first of her sisters. Last year, Rihanna launched her own beauty brand Fenty Beauty, sold through Sephora, and was expected to outsell Kylie.

Fans are obviously freaking out over the news. When Fenty Beauty dropped last year, there were lines outside Sephora and products flew off the shelves. It’s not unlikely that this release will prompt lines longer than Supreme’s on a Thursday this winter. Take a peep at some reacts below.

Ulta told BuzzFeed News that more detail about the launch will be coming soon.