Episodes: "Ben's Birthday Party," "The Anonymous Donor"

They always say no gifts. And they never mean it. Demanding gifts from your friends and family as a full grown adult is lightweight juvenile but fuck it, if you want presents be upfront about it. Don't play coy like Ben Stiller then get tight when a real one like LD takes you at your word and makes his presence the only present.

More unspoken rules that Larry is heroically not here for: The dry cleaner giveth and the dry cleaner taketh away. One day's fire jersey lost is a fire jawnz gain waiting to happen in the near future. But no—it's all fun and games until you're the one who loses a fresh piece to someone else's dry cleaner haul. Ever the active complainer, Larry even seized an opportunity to address Senator Barbara Boxer on this issue, but as always, the government completely fails at getting shit done.