Picture this: a women-fronted Blues Brothers reboot starring Tiffany Haddish and Cardi B. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, Haddish thinks so too.

Last month, original Blues Brothers star Dan Aykroyd revealed he was pitching the reboot, titled Soul Sisters, to various movie studios. After the actor revealed he was still on the hunt for the film’s stars, a TMZ cameraman suggested Haddish and the Invasion of Privacy rapper. Aykroyd liked the sound of it.

This weekend, the gossip site caught up with Haddish at LAX, where she was asked about potentially starring in the Blues Brothers remake. The comedian told the cameraman she was definitely interested in doing the project … as soon as the money came through.

“Run me the money,” she said while leaving the airport. “I got a production [company], She Ready Productions. Run me the money.”

Haddish went on to say she was familiar with the Blues Brothers songs and was down to co-star alongside Cardi.

“I think that’d be cool once she have her baby and she ready to work […] I need to get paid though” the comedian said, before being asked if Aykroyd has reached out to her. “I don't know him. I'm busy. You know, I work every day. I'm about to go to work right now."

“Where you going to?” the paparazzo asked.

“Success,” she replied before shutting the car door.

Check out Haddish's full response above.