The Muppet-creating Henson family has always been known for family-friendly content, but the hilarious red-band trailer for The Happytime Murders is here and Jim and Jane's son Brian, 54, is definitely doing a whole new thing.

Melissa McCarthy stars as one half of a human/puppet detective team trying to crack the case of several puppet murders in the underbelly of Los Angeles, with all of the killings being connected to a popular children's show. It's directed by Brian Henson, chairman of the Jim Henson Company and director of the '90s films The Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island.

From foul-mouthed puppets to raunchy jokes and far too much silly string, The Happytime Murders is going after a decidedly adult audience and even boasts an R-rating. "No Sesame. All Street," the trailer promises. And sure enough, there's an oral sex joke at the very start.

The Happytime Murders hits theaters Aug. 17. Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale, Elizabeth Banks, and Jimmy O. Yang also star.