Kris Jenner had made a career out of turning the Kardashian name into a multi-million dollar empire, but aside from here impressive business acumen, Jenner has also proven that at the core of it all she is still greatly protective of all of her children.

Part of her being the perfect mama bear for some of the most famous people on the planet is assuring that the people hired to work with her family can be trusted. Recently, the mother of the Kardashian (and Jenner) sisters sat down with Huffington Post to discuss just what it takes to work for the family. 

"Unfortunately, there are some bad people out there who have not good intentions. And, you know, I obviously can’t control that," Jenner said in a phone conversation with the Huffington Post. "But to the best of my ability, we try to have people on our team who have our back, who we feel that we can really trust."

Jenner recently announced that she would be looking for her next personal assistant through a partnership with Bumble Bizz, a networking service connected to the known dating app. Anyone trying to get their foot in the door with the Kardashian family might want to break out the notepad because Jenner has some criteria for her next employee. 

"It’s about being discreet and being private and learning," she said. "And being able to be mature and understand what the family is all about. If somebody has something that’s happening in your life at the moment and it is a private thing, then somebody [would need] to have a lot of respect for that."

If you are lucky enough to get hired and brought into the lives of Calabasas' royal family, don't get too comfortable and make a huge mistake—Jenner will make you pay, literally, even if you're bank account is looking a little dry. 

"I don’t care how much money somebody might have ― if they have nothing. Some people think, ‘Oh, I don’t have any money, and they’re not going to sue me.’ Well, we’ll take payments," said Jenner.

Of course, working for the Kardashians could give someone a significant notoriety boost, but also means you have to be willing to hide any and everything. For instance, if you don't think you would have been able to keep Kylie's pregnancy under wraps until after she gave birth then you probably will not be getting hired by Kris. Despite some of the caveats, Jenner does assure that working for the family will certainly have its positives as well.

"I think that given the opportunity, somebody could really learn a lot just being around me and the girls because it’s really nonstop, 24/7 brainstorming and creativity and just trying to get organized and really pack a lot into a day — being there nonstop with all engines blazing."

Get those resumes ready.