We’re only a few months into 2018, but one of the year's biggest mysteries has been solved. Kylie Jenner did not spontaneously disappear from the planet mid-Snap. She was in fact, in peaceful self-exile away from TMZ and our prying nosy eyes as she carried her first child to term, a baby girl named Stormi.

For months, Kylie kept her fans in the dark about her rumored pregnancy. The social media queen went radio silent, and as the country slid into madness around us, and the other Kardashian-Jenners charged on entertaining us in their Calabasian bubble, we slowly came to realize how crucial Kylie's wry one-liners on E! and Snapchat aphorisms were to the equilibrium of pop culture.

But in February of 2018, Kylie re-emerged on the internet, just when it seemed like we'd never hold on long enough to see Black Panther. She confirmed that yes, she was pregnant the whole time, and yes, she had welcomed a baby girl, named Stormi. After she returned to social media, fans wondered if four days of motherhood was enough to affect a change in Kylie. Did her time away from Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter wean her off of them completely? Thankfully New Mom Kylie still has her old social media vices and now, in addition to her dogs, outfits, and makeup line sneak peeks, she has something even more exciting to share with us: the newest member of the family, her daughter, Stormi. Here are 25 things we've already learned about Stormi Webster.

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