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While comic book publishers should get props for striving to be inclusive and diverse, back in the day, they missed the mark far more than they hit it.

Just look at the X-Men. Mutants, in general, were a way for Marvel to bring the civil rights movement to the pages of their comic books, but they relied on lazy tropes when it came to building stories for their non-white characters. There was no surprise when the Native American character James Proudstar was introduced as their "tracker," which seems to be a common thread for most Native American characters in pop culture (as if the only thing a Native American character can do is use this method of hunting and surveying land to find their prey). Similarly, the Japanese character Sunfire used the honorific "san" more than necessary; given the use of "san" in pop culture by white people as a derogatory statement, its overuse in comics can be deemed as offensive. And when you consider how few and far between non-white characters there are, it makes these glaring failures to properly represent them even more hurtful.