Blac Chyna isn’t solely in hot water with Rob following her Six Flags stroller fiasco this past weekend. A business deal with the social media star has also gone south. Chyna lost a deal with the stroller company Momiie after footage of her swinging a stroller at a woman surfaced, according to a report from TMZ. "(We) cannot excuse that sort of reaction and behavior particularly in a family resort around children," the company told TMZ.

Chyna signed a deal to become a brand ambassador for the company back in February, but the stroller incident apparently wasn’t the only thing that had Momiie questioning the deal. Reportedly, the sex tape that leaked on Twitter in February featuring Chyna and her ex Meechie also had the stroller company rethinking the decision.

The 29-year-old reality star reportedly swung a stroller at a woman at Six Flags after the woman called her a “hoodrat” and touched Chyna and Rob's daughter Dream. She wrote about the incident on her Instagram story. "Being famous is hard enough dealing with scrutiny but when someone feels comfortable to come and touch your child it's a whole other story," she said. "I do not condone violence nor am I a violent person but shout out to all of the amazing mothers out there that will protect their children at all cost." 

Following the altercation, Rob and his legal team decided to take Chyna back to family court to set legal rules for what Chyna can and cannot do when Dream is in her presence, as well as contest his $20,000 monthly child support payments. Chyna’s funds now seem to be strolling away in more ways than one.