The Kardashians are nothing if not problematic; and while the family’s latest blunder isn’t related to cultural appropriation, it's still downright offensive. Khloé Kardashian launched a new “cleanliness and organization” series called ‘Khlo-C-D’ through her app and website, which has since come under major fire.

Khloé made the announcement in her Snapchat, revealing the launch of the week-long series, where she’ll let fans in on her own “lazy-girl hacks for cleaning everyday objects” and the “two major secrets to staying organized,” and more.

Khloé has kicked the same title around before, back in 2015, when she posted a video of herself titled KHLO-C-D: Cookie Jars, where she was pictured arranging cookies inside a jar, Cosmopolitan reported.

It’s obvious why the name is questionable: it plays off the mental illness, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which certainly isn’t just a way to stay “clean and tidy.” Per WebMD, “People with OCD can have either obsessive thoughts and urges or compulsive, repetitive behaviors. Some have both obsessions and compulsions.”

The bottom line is that the name of the series—even if it was just supposed to be a witty pun—is disrespectful, and many on Twitter felt the same way, admitting that they love the Kardashians, but that the name Khlo-C-D is exploitative.