Like many, Lupita Nyong'o watched the classic 1993 Billy Murray film Groundhog Day. But, until last night, the Academy Award–winning actress didn't know the holiday is real.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host asked Nyong'o what she's excited for most: the Super Bowl or Groundhog Day. Her answer? Neither one. But she had one pressing question: "Is Groundhog's Day real?" It is, it surely is. (He saw his shadow btw, so that's six more weeks of winter.)

Nyong'o also got the chance to talk about that epic Coming to America–themed party she threw last year with the Black Panther cast and how she's picking and choosing who gets her extra tickets to the Black Panther premiere. It turns out she didn't like Coming to America when she first saw it, citing that she felt it only added to America's ignorance about African countries. But later, when she learned about satire, she began to love the film.

As for Black Panther, although Nyong'o invited "about 25" people to the Los Angeles showing, she's still dodging calls from others who didn't get an invite. "I had to be very careful and very strategic about how I invited people," she said.

She's not alone. In a separate interview, Chadwick Boseman told Kimmel he's having trouble keeping up with his friends and family who want tickets to see the film. "Everybody didn't get to come and I feel bad about it," he said, although he said the rest will get to see it in Atlanta or New York.