GQ hosted a party Tuesday night in L.A. to celebrate their March issue and cover star Timothée Chalamet. Chalamet had the chance to reunite with his idol Kid Cudi that night, and their encounter was seriously touching.

The pair had apparently met back in the day when Chalamet was feeling particularly low about the trajectory of his acting career, when Cudi gave him some life-changing advice. But this latest encounter has supporters of both entertainers fawning over how sweet the significance of the meeting was. Fellow party attendees captured the moment when the Call Me By Your Name star embraced with his musical icon.

GQ even took to Instagram stories to share the throwback of Cudi and Chalamet's first encounter, followed by a glow-up pic of the two at the same party.

Fans online are going wild over the pair's meeting, sharing in Chalamet's apparent excitement and pride.