A scrumptious, shirtless Chadwick Boseman covers the latest issue of Rolling Stone, and women all over the internet are suddenly pregnant.

Okay not really, but Boseman does look fine as hell. If you make it past the front cover, the Black Panther star also sat down with the magazine to discuss the power of Marvel’s latest superhero film, from what you see onscreen to the crew behind the scenes. “It's not just the first superhero movie with a predominantly black cast—it's the first with a black director, black writers, black costume and production designers, and a black executive producer,” he says.

The Ryan Coogler–directed film is making history for a number of reasons. It smashed this weekend’s box office, and is projected to rake in a whopping $235 million over the four-day weekend. People showed out to the screenings wearing dashikis and Black Panther cosplay. This is the beginning of a new era for Marvel, whose president is ready to make Black Panther sequels, and Boseman, alongside badasses like Lupita Nyong'o and Danai Gurira, is the face of the new franchise. “I truly believe there's a truth that needs to enter the world at a particular time,” he says in the interview. “And that's why people are excited about Panther. This is the time."


Boseman also talks about how the beautiful, fictional African kingdom of Wakanda came to be. "The money and manpower it takes to create this entire African world—it's a huge production," says Boseman. "But this is not Star Wars—this is a black superhero movie! What would it mean if it didn't happen? You'd be saying there's a second class of Marvel movies. A second-class citizenship.”

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