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Renowned street artist Banksy is the household name to which very few can place a face. He’s basically the urban equivalent of the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot, except he’ know, human. However, after nearly 20 years, a picture of the elusive artist believed to be Robin Gunningham appears to have surfaced.

Back in 2003, Gunningham was caught holding one of his signature stencils in Jamaica. Now, a man who looks an awful lot like Gunningham has been caught on video in England. He was sighted on Thursday, January 25th in Kingston Upon Hull, wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses, presumably to hide his identity. The sighting occurred just as three Banksy oeuvres popped up around the city, and he was in fact spotted just a few meters away from one of his works. The art, which was executed on the side of a bridge, was authenticated via Banksy’s official Instagram account about 24 hours later.

Reportedly, a local business owner, Richard Tilson, spotted two men in a Mercedes van and assumed they were robbers. He trailed them as they took pictures of the artwork. However, when Banksy posted photos of his work online, that’s when Tilson put it all together. “I just can’t believe that there was this millionaire sat in this van spraying paint on to a wall.” Lolz. “Personally, I’m about 95 per cent certain it is him. If it looks like him online then it has got to be," Tilson said. "Too much adds up."