When Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport tweeted that it'd be offering its first direct flight to Wakanda, the mythical country in which Black Panther is based, fans understandably went wild. Sure, it was a joke, but dare to dream, folks. Dare to dream. Regular people and celebs alike got in on the Twitter love, including Academy Award winner Lupita N’yong’o. However, when R. Kelly tried to weigh in, Twitter was NOT about it.

As it turns out, R. Kelly likes the first black-centric Marvel hit as much as your average non-predator. The disgraced singer tweeted, Hell, I’m on my way too! Amazing film! #WakandaForever #BlackPanther." But no sooner than could Kelly pack his carry-on did Twitter let him know he was definitely not welcome aboard. Nigerian author Luvvie Ajayi went as for as to tweet back at Kelly, “NO THANK YOU. WE JUST CLOSED THE BORDERS. - Wakanda Immigration.” Damn. 

“Fatha Gawd, we come before you today to block the entry of enemies of progress and pedophiles into the sacred land of Wakanda! You said weapons would form but let them not prosper in this land. We rebuke and reject him, in YOUR glorious name,” Ajayi went on. And with that spectacular clapback, the Twitter floodgates gushed open.