An actress has filed a lawsuit against Omar Epps, after he allegedly broke her arm on the set of Shooter.

TMZ reports the incident occurred in 2016, when Epps was filming an improv action scene with Donzaleigh Abernathy. And the situation reportedly became too aggressive.

Abernathy appeared on the series’ first season as Mrs. Fenn, and would later be killed by Epps’ character Isaac Johnson. According to the lawsuit, Epps “completely deviated from the script” while filming the murder scene, and “threw his left forearm with full force at [her] right arm,” ultimately breaking it.

Abernathy also claims the 44-year-old actor injured her back after dropping her on set. She said filming was put on pause so she could receive treatment at a hospital.

The actress is suing Epps and Paramount Pictures for negligence as well as assault and battery. Abernathy is seeking damages for pain and suffering, and is asking for the defendants to cover her past and future medical costs relating to the injuries she sustained on set.

Epps has yet to comment on the lawsuit.